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Count Cell Use in a Column

Count Cell Use in a Column

Need a formula that will:
Count number of Bs (beginning with B8) in 'Call Log' where C8 (date) in 'Call Log' falls between 
B6 (date 1) 'Recap by Week' and C6 (date 2) 'Recap by Week'

Just need the count for the total number of Bs, not specific ones like for a table.
 Will use the count to get an average number of minutes per call for the period B6 'Recap by Week' to C6 'Recap by Week'.
There won't be a B in 'Call Log' if there
hasn't been a call, yet...

Anwsers to the Problem Count Cell Use in a Column

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I still think either of these formulas in row 6 of the [Recap by Week] sheet will do the trick for you:
=COUNTIFS('Call Log'!$C:$C,">=" & 'Recap by Week'!$B6,'Call Log'!$C:$C,"<=" & 'Recap by Week'!$C6,'Call Log'!$B:$B,">""")
=SUMPRODUCT(--('Call Log'!$C:$C>='Recap by Week'!$B6),--('Call Log'!$C:$C<='Recap by Week'!$C6),--('Call Log'!$B:$B<>""))
Note that I've referenced entire columns over on the [Call Log] sheet - you can do that in Excel 2007/2010 - the trade off is that you never have to modify the formulas if your entries go beyond the specific rows you've set up -- at the expense of longer
time to update/recalculate the formulas.
Also, in column F on the [Recap by Week] sheet you're using the classic error handling strategy with formulas like (row 6):
and in Excel 2007/2010 you can replace that with the more efficient (faster) and shorter to type IFERROR() function which would look like this:
or if you want zero when an error would have occurred:

In this method we will try to Boot in Safe mode with Networking and see if the error still persists.

  • Search "MSCONFIG" and Open.
  • Click on Boot Tab
  • Tick Safe Boot in Boot Option
  • Select Network.
  • Click Apply and OK.
  • Reboot your System.

Another Safe way to Fix the Problem: Count Cell Use in a Column:

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