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How to Resolve - conditional formatting and named ranges?

conditional formatting and named ranges

I have a calendar I use each year, and I am updating it by adding VBA code to make it more useful each year.  It shows due dates for applications (i.e.
if the application date is 5/10/11, one column gives the 25 day due date for approval and the 30 day due
date for denial).  The months are non-contiguous (i.e.
January's area is cell range A1:D33, February is F1:I31, March is K1:N33, April is P1:S32, etc.) across the worksheet.
I am trying to show conditional formatting for dates that correspond to holidays and general office closure dates.  I have holidays listed in the range BI2:BI14 and have named that range "Holidays".  I have closeures listed in the range BJ2:BJ13 and have
named that range "Closures".  What I would like to do is to make the cell color red for any cell in the actual date ranges (I.e.
January is A3:A33, February is F3:F31, March is K3:K33, April is P3:P32, etc.) that are dates listed in the "Holidays" range, and
gray for any dates listed in the "Closures" range.  I tried recording a macro for this, but it only highlighted the cell for January 1.
Is this possible?  Thanks for any help you might be able to give.

Solutions to the Problem conditional formatting and named ranges

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Yes, this is possible.
What I didn't get from your explanation is what is actually contained in your "day" cells?  Is it just the day number, or is there a full date?
If the day cells contain the full date, you can use this formula in conditional formatting:
where A3 is the cell you are evaluating.  If you select the range A3:A33, but keep A3 as the active cell when you enter the condtional formatting, the formula will be correct for each cell (i.e.
A3 will be treated as a relative reference, not absolute*).
If your day cells only contain day numbers, and you have a heading cell for each month with the month name (A2?), and a heading cell for the whole sheet containing the year (A1?), you can use something like this:
where A3 is the day cell, $A$2 is the cell containing the Month and $A$1 is the cell containing the year.
Removing the leading $ from $A$2 to leave A$2, means you should be able to copy the formatting across the other month columns.
Hope that helps.
*Alternatively, you can apply the CF to one cell (A3) and then use the format painter to copy the CF to the other cells in that month.  Double-click on the format painter and you will be able to apply the formatting to F3:F31, then K3:K33, etc...  click
it again to cancel it.

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